How do you know that your family is safe and that your home can survive a serious storm that causes major damage?

R911 Wind Damage Restoration Solutions

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24/7 Emergency Dispatch

R911 is available at all hours to help you in an emergency.

Fallen Tree Removal

R911 can assist you in having fallen trees removed from your home.

Tarping and Board-Up

R911 can tarp and board-up exposed areas on your roof or home.

Insurance Estimates

R911 provides you with detailed insurance estimates.

Detailed Insurance Estimates
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Tarping and Board-Up
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Florida is at risk

If you live in Florida, then you already know the risks associated with living in our great Sunshine State. A little ironic, is it not? Florida is known for its beaches, warm, humid weather, and tourist destinations. On the other hand, we’re also known for our floods, sporadic rain events, and catastrophic hurricanes. 

Wind, water, and storm damage claims are among the top common property damage insurance claims in Florida, with billions of dollars worth of property damage caused by hurricanes, and hundreds of thousands of claims being filed after the wake of a natural disaster.

The higher the numbers, the higher the chance. The higher the chance, the higher the risk. Odds are, you, or someone you know, has experienced loss as a result of a windstorm event or hurricane. If you have experienced loss as a result of wind, a storm, a tornado, or hurricane, call R911 now for immediate assistance.

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Our Process


R911 performs as needed, temporary emergency repairs, and determines the severity, source, and extent of your damages and losses.

Comprehensive Insurance Estimate

After examination and temporary repairs (if needed) R911 provides your insurance company with an accurate estimate properly outlining the necessary scope of work needed to restore your storm damages back to its pre-loss condition.

Home Restoration

Whether a tree fell on your home or your roof collapsed, R911 is here for you. Our licensed professions will help you completely restore your home while restoring your peace of mind.


R911 provides our customers with 24/7 emergency weather services. If you have suffered loss as a result of strong wind, a tropical storm, hurricane, tornado, or flood, call R911 now.

Temporary Repairs

If needed, R911 can and will provide you with temporary repairs to stop or mitigate further loss to your home or property until R911 determines the necessary scope of work needed to fully restore your home.


Don’t wait. Get help now. 

Roofing ripped off from severe wind
Exposed areas put home at risk for water entry and other elements

Damaged roof

Damage as a result of severe wind can produce a large number of outcomes. One of the most common being damage to your roof. In this image, you can see how the intense winds ripped portions of roofing off of this home. Typically, strong wind is associated with storms that produce massive amounts of rain. When a wind from a storm rips portions of your roof this causes water damage to your home as well.

It’s important to tarp, board-up, or have emergency, temporary repairs performed on your roof to mitigate further loss to your home until your damages can be properly evaluated by licensed and experienced professionals to provide you with a detailed estimate for the scope of work needed to restore your home back to its pre-loss condition.

If you have experienced roof damage, call R911 now. The less you wait, the better.

Large fallen tree causing structural and roofing damage
Exposed areas allowing for water and entry of other elements

Fallen Trees

Strong wind causing trees to fall onto your home can be a terrifying experience to go through. If you’re lucky, you might just have some annoying branches on your driveway or on your roof after a storm. If you’re not so lucky, you may find yourself with a massive tree branch puncturing your roof.

Oak trees in your front and backyard may look aesthetically pleasing and provide nice shade in the summer, but they can also be weapons storms use against your home. Large amounts of rain cause the soil around the roots of a tree to soften and weaken. Combine weak dirt with strong wind, there is a higher chance the trees in your yard will fall over.

Trees falling onto your roof cause more issues than just the “appearance” itself. Fallen trees can ruin the structural integrity of your home, weakening your trusses and load-bearing framing. If you have had a tree fall onto your home, don’t wait another day. Call R911 today. 

Why R911? 

Peace of mind. That’s what we truly restore. R911’s mission is to assist and work with homeowners like you by restoring your home back to its pre-loss condition. Restoring it the way it was before you lost your roof. Before the tree fell over and endangered your family. Before your home stopped feeling like a safe haven.

When you work with R911, you’re in the hands of professionals. Our dedicated staff is effective in dispatch, communication, and project management. Reputation matters, so we hold ourselves to high professional and ethical standards. We’re family-oriented, we treat our customers and their property like we would treat our own family.

To put it short: You have a problem with your home. R911 is your solution. 

Years Combined Experience
About R911

The professional restoration team at R911 possesses 60 years of combined industry experience. R911’s skilled labor, experienced staff, and licensed contractors know the ins and outs of all things restoration and reconstruction, and have a firm understanding of the insurance claims process when it comes to your property damage claims.

Our Licenses

Roofing Contracting

License Number: CCC056639

General Contracting

License Number: CGC020554

Mold Assessment

License Number: MRSA3275

Mold Remediation

License Number: MRSR3369

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If you have experienced loss as a result of strong wind from a storm, hurricane, or torando, call R911 today. Don’t wait another day.

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