How do you know if you have a serious problem in your home affecting the health of your family and costing you money each year?

R911 Water Damage Restoration Solutions

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Leak Detection

R911 provides comprehensive tests for roof leaks, pipe leaks, slab leaks, and more.

Mold Assessment

R911 assesses your mold, V.O.C., and M.V.O.C. damages.

Mold Remediation

R911 removes and restores mold, V.O.C., and M.V.O.C. damages.

Water Dry Out

R911 dehumidifies, dries out water and flooding, and completely restores water damage.

Detailed Insurance Estimates
24/7 Emergency Weather Services
Roof Leak Detection
Slab Leak Detection
Pipe Bursts and Leak Detection
Hurricane Damage Restoration
Storm Damage Restoration
Flood Damage Restoration
Content Restoration, Manipulation, and Storage
V.O.C. and M.V.O.C Removal
Tarping and board-up
Dehumidification and Deodorization
Water Dry Out and Removal
Water Damage Restoration
Mold Assessment and Remediation

Time is money

The longer you let water sit in your home, the more you run the risk of worsening damages to your property. Water leaks as a result of broken pipes or an exposed roof can cause serious internal damage to your home. Trapped water and moisture in your home can also lead to mold growth in as little as 24 hours.

Example: If you have a leak in your home causing 50 drops of water to leak per minute, that equals a gallon of water in your home in nearly 24 hours a day, which amasses to nearly 7 gallons of water leaking in your home per week.

If you suspect you have a leak or mold growth in your home, you need to take immediate action. Call R911 today for a free water damage evaluation.

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Our Process

Free In-Home Test

When you qualify for a free in-home test, R911 will search your home for signs of water damage, mold damage, V.O.C.’S, and M.V.O.C.’s to determine the source and extent of your damages.

Detailed Insurance Estimate

You and your insurance company will receive a detailed estimate properly outlining the necessary scope of work needed to restore your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Home Restoration

Our water and mold damage restoration professionals at R911 will swiftly mobilize and restore your home while restoring your peace of mind. Our mission is to make your home a safe haven again.


R911 provides our customers with 24/7 emergency restoration services. If you’re suffering loss to your home as a result of a storm, hurricane, flood, pipe burst, or leak, call R911 now for swift service.

Temporary Repairs

If needed, R911 can and will provide you with temporary repairs to stop or mitigate further loss to your home or property until R911 determines the necessary scope of work needed to fully restore your home.


Don’t wait. Get help now. 

Darkened, damp wood
Signs of bacterial growth
Swollen, expanded drywall
Dark waterspots and stains

Destructive Water Damage

In this image, you can see the damage a roof leak can cause. A drop of water alone is innocent, but multiply that by the thousands and you have a serious problem. Water can invade your home through the smallest exposed area on your roof and travel through your ceilings, walls, and floors.

Water damage can present itself as stains in your walls or ceilings, popped seams in your drywall, or through a foul, unpleasant odor that can indicate mold growth in your home. At times, water damage isn’t so obvious.

Trapped water

Typically, when water is trapped in your home, it’s in the cavities of your walls. If water damage can’t be detected through the obvious, visual signs, then drywall removal may be needed to identify the source of your water damage causation. This type of water damage can be problematic as standing water in a home for prolonged periods can lead to extensive mold growth. 

Mold growth beneath wallpaper
A large volume of toxic mold present

Toxic Mold Damage

We search for signs of mold, dangerous V.O.C.’S and M.V.O.C.’S, lead-based paint, and more, that could impact your health, the health of your family, and the health of your home. We have certified personnel on staff to establish whether or not your home is a healthy habitat.

Florida law requires you to have a specific license to assess and remediate mold, and R911 is both licensed and experienced to assess or remediate your mold damage. If you suspect mold is growing in your home, call us today.

Why R911? 

Peace of mind. That’s what we truly restore. R911’s mission is to assist and work with homeowners like you by restoring your home back to its pre-loss condition. Restoring it the way it was before the flood, before the hurricane, before the leak, and before the mold. Before your home stopped feeling like a “home”.

When you work with R911, you’re in the hands of professionals. Our dedicated staff is effective in dispatch, communication, and project management. Reputation matters, so we hold ourselves to high professional and ethical standards. We’re family-oriented, we treat our customers and their property like we would treat our own family.

To put it short: You have a problem with your home. R911 is your solution. 

Years Combined Experience
About R911

The professional restoration team at R911 possesses 60 years of combined industry experience. R911’s skilled labor, experienced staff, and licensed contractors know the ins and outs of all things restoration and reconstruction, and have a firm understanding of the insurance claims process when it comes to your property damage claims.

Our Licenses

Roofing Contracting

License Number: CCC056639

General Contracting

License Number: CGC020554

Mold Assessment

License Number: MRSA3275

Mold Remediation

License Number: MRSR3369

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If you experienced loss to your home as a result of water damage caused by a roof leak, pipe leak, pipe burst, slab leak, flood, storm, or hurricane, call the licensed water damage restoration professionals at R911 today.

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