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R911 provides a variety of emergency restoration solutions and holds multiple licenses to keep a majority of restoration work in-house with our trusted and reliable service team. R911 can and will assist you in your restoration needs today.

Water Damage Restoration

Water/mold damage? See if you qualify for a FREE in-home test.
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Fire Damage Restoration

Suffered loss as a result of a fire? Learn about our fire restoration solutions.
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Windstorm Restoration

Incurred loss as a result of severe wind, tornado, or a hurricane? R911 can restore your home back to its pre-loss condition.
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Detailed Insurance Estimates
24/7 Emergency Weather Services
Roof, Pipe, and Slab Leak Detections
Soot, Smoke, and Fire Damage Restoration
Demolition and Debris Removal
Tarping and Board-up
Tree Removal
Structural Restoration
Content Restoration, Manipulation, and Storage
V.O.C. and M.V.O.C Removal
Hurricane, Storm, and Flood Damage Restoration
Dehumidification and Deodorization
Water Dry Out and Removal
Mold Assessment and Remediation

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Peace of Mind

That is what we sell. Yes, we are a restoration company and emergency service provider, but above all else, that’s our primary service: providing and restoring peace of mind. The peace of mind we provide when you know your home and roof are in the hands of licensed roofing and building contractors with decades of combined experience. The peace of mind knowing that R911 and it’s dedicated staff and support team are highly communicative and available for your needs 24/7. The peace of mind knowing that when you work with R911, you’re taken care of from a-to-z. Period. 


Don’t wait. Get help now. 

Common Problems

Each of you has a unique problem of your own. While some problems share similar traits, it takes a professional team to handle the unique issue you’re facing. These problems range from minor to severe, with some construction needs being incredibly time-sensitive, like a damaged roof causing a leak after a storm. Most problems in this industry can be broken down into two main categories:

Property Damage

Contractor Neglect

Property damage can present itself in various ways. Florida is notorious for roof, water, storm, flood, and hurricane damage claims. When you experience roof damage that is not swiftly remedied, this can lead to water leaking into your home causing extensive internal damage. Water can leak and travel through the cavities of your ceilings, your drywall, and underneath your flooring. This will cause mold growth, damaged insulation, drywall to expand and create seams in your walls, and damaged flooring.

Some of these issues require teams with separate licenses which means more coordinating with different companies, including your insurance company. What if you could call just one company with multiple licenses to handle your needs, like R911? 

Contractor neglect is also very common in the restoration construction industry. To be fair, there are many honest contractors whose intention is not to take advantage of homeowners, yet many contractors lack skilled labor, communication, project management, and have poor budgeting. This inevitably causes delays in your restoration, poor work product, and subcontractors walking off of projects due to non-payments and sometimes resulting in liens filed on your property.

It should not be your problem if a project is under-budgeted. It should not be your job to manage your contractor. Your only issue is the one that prompted you to call a contractor and restoration company in the first place.

Your contractor should not be an additional issue. Your contractor should be your solution. 

The R911 Solution

The services we provide are the solutions to your problems. The bigger the problem, the more experienced a professional you need. When you work with our restoration company, you’re in the hands of licensed, experienced contractors that are equipped to deal with your specific and unique problem. R911 is customer-oriented. We designed and modeled our services around the needs of our customers, not the needs of our company.

That’s why our company sees continued business: we put you first. Because our restoration company holds several licenses, including General Contracting, Roofing Contracting, Mold Assessment, and Mold Remediation, this gives our restoration and internal team the ability to handle many of the various headaches that you have been facing. Our support team walks with you through the entire process from start-to-finish.

Our Licenses

Roofing Contracting

License Number: CCC056639

General Contracting

License Number: CGC020554

Mold Assessment

License Number: MRSA3275

Mold Remediation

License Number: MRSR3369

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