Do you know if you have a serious electrical problem in your home that is potentially dangerous to you and your family?

R911 Fire Damage Restoration Solutions

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Soot & Smoke Removal

R911 deodorizes and removes soot and smoke damage.


Content manipulation, restoration, storage, and removal.

Demolition and Debris Removal

R911 removes debris and demolishes condemned stuctures.

Structural Restoration

R911 restores and rebuilds structures destroyed by fires.

Detailed Insurance Estimates
24/7 Emergency Weather Services
Faulty Wire Detection
Soot & Smoke Removal
Surface Cleaning
Debris Removal
Structural Restoration
Content Restoration
Content Storage
Content Removal
Tarping & Board-Up
Complete Fire Restoration

It can happen to anyone

Anyone can fall victim to a devastating fire. We may think, “that can never happen to me”, but it can and it does — all the time. Household fires are more common than we would like to think and can be caused by lightning strikes, cooking equipment, children playing, faulty wiring, or even that pleasantly scented candle you love so much.

It is important to take proper precautions to avoid your risk of starting a fire in your home. For many scenarios, control is in your hands if you take proper measures. Properly put out candles and keep them away from children and flammable objects. Turn off stovetops and other cooking equipment. Pay attention to flickering lights in your home or stains caused by your lighting. This can possibly be an indicator of faulty wiring in your home.

If you suspect you have an electrical wiring issue in your home, call R911 today. 

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Our Process


R911 examines the extent and severity of your fire damages to determine the necessary steps to restore your home before the incident.

Detailed Insurance Estimate

R911 will provide your insurance company with a thoroughly documented estimate accurately outlining the proper scope of work necessary to restore your home back the way it was before the fire.

Home Restoration

Minor or severe, R911 is here. Our fire damage restoration team will assist you in you restoring your fire damages and destruction back to it’s pre-loss condition while restoring your peace of mind.


R911 provides our customers with 24/7 emergency restoration services. If you’ve suffered loss as a result of a fire caused by faulty wiring, cooking equipment, a candle, or lightning, call R911 now to speak to a member of our team.

Temporary Repairs

If needed, R911 can and will provide you with temporary repairs to stop or mitigate further loss to your home or property until R911 determines the necessary scope of work needed to fully restore your home.


Don’t wait. Get help now. 

Damaged surfaces caused by smoke
Heat blistering from intense heat

“Less Severe” Fire Damage

In a less severe fire damage incident, you may find yourself with damaged walls, ceilings, and floors covered in soot, heat blistering, and stains caused by smoke and fire. These types of incidents are more common and are usually caused by flammable liquids, faulty wiring, cooking appliances, equipment, or lit candles.

Destroyed, collapsed roof
Destroyed roof trusses covered in soot

“Severe” Fire Damage

In a more dramatic and tragic scenario, this image depicts a home that has been overturned by an unforgiving blaze. In these events, fires that were not stopped in time cause major structural and roof damage, and in some scenarios, condemning the home.

Why R911? 

Peace of mind. That’s what we truly restore. R911’s mission is to assist and work with homeowners like you by restoring your home back to its pre-loss condition. Restoring it the way it was before fire destroyed your kitchen. Before the fire consumed your home. Before your home stopped feeling like a “home”.

When you work with R911, you’re in the hands of professionals. Our dedicated staff is effective in dispatch, communication, and project management. Reputation matters, so we hold ourselves to high professional and ethical standards. We’re family-oriented, we treat our customers and their property like we would treat our own family.

To put it short: You have a problem with your home. R911 is your solution. 

Years Combined Experience
About R911

The professional restoration team at R911 possesses 60 years of combined industry experience. R911’s skilled labor, experienced staff, and licensed contractors know the ins and outs of all things restoration and reconstruction, and have a firm understanding of the insurance claims process when it comes to your property damage claims.

Our Licenses

Roofing Contracting

License Number: CCC056639

General Contracting

License Number: CGC020554

Mold Assessment

License Number: MRSA3275

Mold Remediation

License Number: MRSR3369

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If you experienced loss as a result of fire damage caused by faulty wiring, lightning, cooking equipment, or even arson, call our fire damage restoration professionals at R911 today.

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